One way or another, Option Nationale’s leader is hoping negotiations on a merger with Quebec Solidaire will be completed by the end of September.

Sol Zanetti said that while there is no deadline, he doesn’t want the issue to drag on for months, as it would create a climate of uncertainty in the lead up to the 2018 provincial election.

He refused to give an update on the status of talks, which have been ongoing since June.

He did say that if an agreement in principle were reached, members of both parties would be called on to endorse it in separate conferences in December.

Both parties have decided to present candidates in an upcoming by-election in the Louis-Hebert riding on Oct. 2.  Zanetti said that as long as the party’s remain separate, voters must be given a choice.

Zanetti was himself a candidate in the Louis-Hebert riding in the 2012 election.