MONTREAL -- The ferry that connects Hudson and Oka would normally be up and running by now, but it's stayed ashore because of the pandemic.

Now launching it is an option, but the town of Oka and the community of Kanesatake don't agree about whether it's a good idea to let ferry visitors back into the area.

"These people, if they are infected, they will most likely go to the local grocery store or depanneur, where our people go and shop, and possibly infect our people indirectly," says Serge Simon, the grand chief of Kanesatake.

He's asked Quebec Premier Francois Legault to keep the ferry and Oka's park closed.

The mayor of Oka, Pascal Quevillon, says the coronavirus is here to stay and it's time to open back up.

“I think there’s a little paranoia in Kanesatake,” he said.

Watch the video above to see how people in the area are trying to work out the dispute.