MONTREAL -- There's been little cause for celebration amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but a family found a way to bring joy to their father's ninetieth birthday party.

Bernard Zylberszac, who practiced family medicine for decades, was distraught at the idea of not being able to celebrate at he became a nonagenarian.

“He was overwhelmed,” said his daughter Helene. “He was very sad this orning, he said it wasn't what he expected and he'd celebrate his 100th birthday. He's a very kind, giving man who devoted himself to his career and his patients. He was a family physician who everybody loved and it was time to give something bakc to him.”

On Saturday, friends and family helped Zylberszac celebrate with a drive-by birthday party.

“The idea was he planned a whole party for himself. When we found out we were quarantined again, he was quite devestated so my sister and I decided to bring the party to him,” said Helene.

You can watch video of the nontraditional celebration above.