The McGill University Health Centre is facing tough challenges ahead.

Quebec dropped $50 million in funding to the MUHC, leaving it with a $40 million deficit.

According to outgoing executive director Normand Rinfret, only nine out of 13 operating  rooms are functioning  at the Glen simply because the MUHC doesn't have enough money to run them.

Furthermore, he also said only five operating rooms will be open during the construction holidays and a number of PET and CT scans are not in use because they don't have the funds to operate them.

Rinfret said he's concerned about how the governemnt is choosing to fund hospitals. In this case, for only 86 per cent capacity there is little room left for research and teaching.

"What you are going to get is the money to pay for the episode of care point final, and that is worrisome," he said.

Pierre Hurteau, co-chair of the patients committee said it has led to many frustrations.

"Patients need care, they need an operation, they need a hospital, so they won't get it in the time they should get it ," he said.

The board is in the process of creating a selection committee to make a list of possible candidates for executive director.

A co-chair of the patients committee says he hopes they will have a voice on that committee.

Ultimately it’s the health minister who will decide who the next head of the MUHC will be.

Rinfret also said there are concerns about future financing and  that he is urging the Quebec government to work with them  in order to deal with funding issues.