More work on the Turcot Interchange means less parking along Saint-Antoine St., where roughly 70 parking spots have been removed to make way for more drivers heading west.

The new reality has some business owners in the area concerned.

“Honestly, I started crying in my house because I was just like, ‘What, we didn’t get a notice?’ and I asked all my neighbours and none of them got a notice,” said Kim Doucet, who plans to open a hair salon in February.

To her, the news was devastating.

“You have all these residents and business owners, including myself, that have no longer access to parking,” she said.

The new Turcot configuration eliminated the Lucien l'Allier and Fort St. entrances to Highway 20 west, re-routing all that traffic to Saint-Antoine.

More traffic means less parking. The street is now ligned with dozens of no parking signs between Guy and Rose de Lima

Some hope officials will reduce the days people can’t park or allow use of a parking lot on the corner of Atwater and Saint-Antoine.

That’s a plan Amin Dada the founder of an app called CityParking is working on.

“What we are focusing on is underutilized parking spaces that are not used. These can be empty driveways or in this case, an empty parking lot owned by a corporation,” said Dada.

Doucet believes it could work.

“To work with the community to offer these lots that are empty, that are not being used. I’ve lived here for 14 years. I’ve seen maybe two trucks here,” she said.