MONTREAL -- People with some physical and mental disabilities will be eligible to make an appointment to get their COVID-19 vaccine starting April 27.

Eligible people include those with an intellectual, motor, visual, auditory, or other sensory disability.

Those on the autism spectrum are also included in the group, as well as those with speech or language disabilities.

That group was initially scheduled to be able to make appointments as of April 28.

Booking shots for those with chronic health issues has moved quicker than expected, according to the province, allowing others to get bumped up in the timeline.

Appointments can be made through the province’s website to get a dose at one of the province’s mass vaccination clinics or in a local pharmacy.

One caregiver can also make an appointment to get a dose at the same time.

The province estimates that this group represents 250,000 Quebecers.

One in three Quebecers have now received at least one dose, following an increase of 41,731 injections on Monday, according to the province.

Over the past seven days, the province has averaged 66,890 shots administered per day, with a total of 2,871,140 Quebecers now having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.