Speaking to a gather of youthful party faithful on Sunday, Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault called on younger members to bring about a new Quiet Revolution in the province.

At the event in Granby, Legault said that during the original revolution “everything was moving in Quebec” and that everyone “was proud to be a Quebecer.”

Legault said the province has been “going around in circles” for 45 years as the province was ruled by the Liberals and Parti Quebecois.

The CAQ leader said he was “more optimistic than ever” about his party’s chances in next year’s provincial election and that believes Quebec is ready for a change. He committed to recruiting more candidates under 40, pointing to MNA Simon Jolin-Barrette and candidate Genevieve Guilbault as examples.

With a year to go until the election, the young CAQ members gathered to discuss several issues, including how to promote entrepreneurship and various family-related policies.