Forget the head shop plastered with posters of Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia. Quebec’s state-run cannabis stores will be decidedly more stately affairs.

On Thursday, the Societe Quebecois du Cannabis – a subsidiary of the SAQ – unveiled the first concept art for what the stores where Quebecers will soon legally purchase pot will look like.

The law legalizing the purchase of some cannabis products will come into effect on Oct. 17. 

According to the SQDC, the stores will all be manned by a security guard at the door who will insure that only people ages 18 and over will be allowed in.

The stores will also include interactive stations with information on various products.

The stores are expected to carry as many as 150 cannabis products.

According to the SQDC, cannabis products will not be viewable from the street.

There was no word on whether the stores would play 'Dark Side of the Moon' on repeat throughout the business day.