The Gripes of the Round Table, aka Terry DiMonte, Bill Brownstein, and Aaron Rand, frequently complain about all sorts of problems, big and small, in Montreal.

This week they took the time to express their feelings about the loss of Teresa Dellar, founder of the West Island Palliative Care Residence.

A close friend of DiMonte, Dellar died this week at the age of 58.

"She did so much for so many people, and we talk about people who are important mensches and all the rest but she's in a class all her own," said Brownstein.

Mutsumi Takahashi had a wonderful example of just how caring Dellar was.

"She was in hospital, very, very sick. She found out my dog died and she sent me flowers. And a note saying how bad she felt for me," said Takahashi.

DiMonte said he learned Friday morning that the funeral service for Dellar would be held in St. Partick's Cathedral.

"The amount of lives she touched and the legacy she leaves behind isn't going to be forgotten," said DiMonte.


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