MONTREAL – To vote, or not to vote? That is the question circulating around the Gripes of the Round Table this week.

“Typically, Canadian campaigns are pretty much boilerplate, pretty boring. This one is 180 degrees away from that,” said Aaron Rand, from CJAD 800.

“I’ve heard all kinds of stuff from all kinds of people, including someone suggesting, ‘you know what? I just don’t believe in any of these candidates, I’m making a point not to vote.’ Really, is that where we’ve arrived?”

Voting is the only way democracy can survive, added Terry DiMonte from CHOM.

He points out some the reasons why people should make a point to vote: it doesn’t take long, and you are legally entitled to take time off work to do so.

“It has everything to do with our daily lives, go have your voice heard, even if you want to put a big X down the ballot, destroy your ballot, whatever you want to do,” DiMonte said.

“For the love of Pete, have some respect.”

Bill Brownstein from The Gazette points out Canadians actually are talking about politics – just not what’s happening in their own country.

“American politics,” he explains. “They’re bored silly about what’s happening here. They think it’s like minor league stuff -- and that’s scary.”

Watch the video above to hear more about what the round table is griping about this week.