The sister of a young Quebec woman who had her limbs amputated after a car accident has set up a fundraising campaign.

Samantha Mongeon says her 18-year-old sibling Sabryna was driving early on Christmas morning when her vehicle struck an electrical pole in western Quebec.

Fearing the car would catch fire, Sabryna got out, but was electrocuted.

Mongeon says her sister collapsed and was conscious for four hours before a passerby found her.

Sabryna was first taken to a hospital in western Quebec before being transferred to the burns unit of a Montreal hospital where she was put into a medically-induced coma. 

She was woken up briefly to be told by doctors she would have to have her four limbs amputated.

Sabryna gave doctors the go-ahead, saying she didn't survive four hours in the cold, just to die now.

“All day, all night, I’m just crying. I can't believe this and now it's happened. We just need to be there for Sabryna and help her because she going to need us,” said Samantha.

She says she started the fundraiser so their mother can spend as much time as possible at her daughter's side. She says the hospital foundation only allows five days of lodgings for the families of patients.

"I want to have more money to help my sister," said Samantha. "First, for my mother to stay there, because she needs to stop working for a while,"

The money will also help buy medical equipment not covered by insurance that Sabryna will need in the future.

“I just hope she can have back her autonomy for being able to live her life the way she wants,” said Samantha.

As of Thursday, over $60,000 has been raised.

Sabryna remains in a coma and is scheduled for another amputation to remove a portion above her arm.

Still, her sister said she's not in this fight alone.

“When she going to wake up, I'm going to read all the beautiful messages of the people. I think it's going to help her very, very much,” she said.

With files from The Canadian Press