Prom season is around the corner and that means students have been on the hunt for the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry. On Saturday, volunteers worked to make sure those often pricey prom dreams can be a reality for everyone.

At Fairy Godmothers, girls from low-income families or who are otherwise in need gathered to go through a selection of donated dresses and accessories. Virginia Celine Jean Francois’ prom is two months away but she said she doesn’t think she’ll have a dress without Fairy Godmothers.

“I love it, when I see everyone all dressed up, it makes me feel like I’m already at prom, which makes me even more excited,” she said.

 Volunteer Linda Blouin, one of 160 people who gave their time to help the young women out, said the event goes beyond fabric and sequins.

“It’s more than a dress, it’s self-respect, self-esteem,” she said. “It’s giving them the importance they deserve.”

Roughly 2,000 dresses and 1,000 pairs of shoes were donated and makeup artists and hair stylists came to give some tips for the big night.

“They really feel like fairy godmothers because they really know they’re changing the life of a girl, with the dress but also really paying attention to the girl,” said Blouin.

Volunteers started gathering dresses as early as February and said the hundreds of hours of work were all worth it.

“It’s about self-confidence, it’s about being proud,” said volunteer Marjolaine Lachance. “It’s about hanging out with your friends and feeling like you’re part of the group.”

For information on donating dresses, shoes and more, click here