Construction crews will be working on the Mercier Bridge, Turcot Interchange, and Highway 20 this weekend.

Work on the Mercier Bridge starts at 11 p.m Friday Oct. 13 and will last until Monday at 5 a.m.

The upstream span will be closed as crews work on its support structure. As a result drivers will be diverted onto the downstream side, which will allow one lane of traffic each way.

The Airlie St. entrance to the bridge will be closed for the duration of the work.


Work on the Turcot Interchange will close multiple ramps as of midnight Friday.

The connections from the Decarie Expressway/Highway 15 South and Highway 20 East to Route 136/Highway 720 East will be shut down until 5 a.m. Monday.

The ramps from Highway 720 west to Highway 20 West and the 15 South will also be closed to traffic.

Crews will be building some of the new ramps and pillars that will make up the new interchange.

Drivers will be able to access the 720 east from the Notre Dame/De la Cathedrale entrance.


Meanwhile westbound lanes on Highway 20 will be closed all weekend.

The Angrignon Blvd. entrance to Highway 20 West shuts down at 11 p.m. Friday, while the Monk Blvd. entrance will close half an hour later.

As noted above, the connection from Highway 720 West closes at midnight.

The connection from the Highway to the Mercier Bridge/Route 138 will also shut down at midnight Friday and remain closed until 5 a.m. Monday.

This means drivers coming onto Highway 20 West will be forced to exit at Angrignon Blvd. and detour through side streets until the St. Pierre Interchange.