MONTREAL -- A second civil suit has been filed against Gilbert Rozon.

This time, the fallen comedy mogul is facing a $1.7 million civil suit from director Lyne Charlebois, who is accusing him of raping her in 1982 when she was 24 years old.

Lyne Charlebois is one of the organizers of the group Les Courageuses, which tried unsuccessfully to obtain authorization to file a class action against Gilbert Rozon.

The assault allegedly occurred when Charlebois was beginning her career as a photographer. She had an appointment with Rozon to discuss a photography contract and came to his office with her portfolio. She said Gilbert Rozon greeted her, but postponed their discussion until the evening. He picked her up at her home and had dinner with her and her partner.

After the meal, they went out to discuss business over a drink and Rozon asked to go to his house first to change his shirt, she alleges.

Once in the producer's home, Charlebois said he dragged her by force into his room to rape her. In her lawsuit, Charlebois says she was scared, the most scared she’s ever been in her life. She thought Rozon was going to kill her.

She described the alleged assault as having been short and brutal and again said that she was "petrified with fear," frozen and was "in shock".


This is not the first time Charlebois is seeking justice. In 1998, when the comedy magnate was accused of sexual assault against a dealer at the Manoir Rouville-Campbell, Charlebois called the police to file a complaint against him. The police had discouraged her from doing so.

Then, following the multiple denunciations against Rozon in the wake of the #metoo movement, she was among the 14 alleged victims who filed a complaint to Montreal police, which finally retained only one, that of Annick Charette, the case for which Rozon was acquitted last December.

Charlebois said she still has after-effects from this alleged assault. She blames it on the precipitous breakup with her partner at the time. She said she has been single for 30 years and no longer trusts men. She also reports having suffered from drug addiction problems and having refused numerous jobs and contracts related to comedy, including a TV contract that could have earned her $400,000 over four seasons of filming.

On April 15, comedian Patricia Tulasne, also a member of Les Courageuses collective, filed her own lawsuit claiming $1.6 million from Rozon for 'brutally raping' her in 1994.