MONTREAL -- Even before a new set of travel rules was announced Tuesday afternoon, confusion was at an all-time high at travel agencies and airport terminals in Montreal.

Late Tuesday, federal authorities announced that mandatory airport testing, followed by quarantine, is coming back for anyone arriving by air in Canada, except from the U.S.

But earlier the same day, a longer-planned set of rules also came into effect, barring any Canadian over 12 from boarding a plane, train or boat if they're unvaccinated.

Between the new Omicron variant and all the other, more established rules, travellers and those working with them said they were having a hard time knowing how to play it safe.

"It’s very stressful because we have to be on top of all the regulations," said Christine Latremoille, the manager of a Uniglobe travel agency location.

"Which countries can come to Canada, which ones cannot… it’s very fluid," she said.

The first-ever North American Club Med, which opened this week in Charlevoix, is being marketed to local visitors in a change of plans, which Premier François Legault said was fine with him, since "I like it very much when Quebecers stay in Quebec" and explore the regions, he said.

For Billy Shields's full report with travellers' dilemmas, watch the video above.