Media personalities were out in force Thursday morning to collect donations for charity.

The 17th edition of what's known as La Grande Guignolée had support from comedians, actors, and athletes such as Patrice Bernier, former captain of the Montreal Impact.

"The media is helping to get funds to give back to people in need during this time of the year," said Bernier.

"What you're giving will help families that are struggling or people that are struggling in poverty."

Last year the group collected more than $3 million in donations that was used to help 300,000 people.

"Poverty is more present than we think and there's a lot of families in need, and this Christmastime it's great to give back," said Virginie Ranger-Beauregard.

Since the Big Food Drive began in 2001 the charity has collected more than $34 million on behalf of 100 charities and community groups.

Collections will take place up until Christmas Eve at locations around the city.