As part of the changes to its animal control bylaw, Montreal is making it more expensive to own a pit bull.

Officials are also standardizing the cost to register an animal across the city, and increasing the fines for non-compliance.

The new fees are:

  • $25 to register a sterilized dog
  • $60 to register a non-spayed or neutered dog
  • $10 to register a sterilized cat
  • $30 to register a fertile cat

(fees will be reduced by $5 if the dog or cat is microchipped)


There are new fees for those owning pit bulls or other dogs deemed dangerous.

The city is also capping the number of dogs in a household at two, unless the owner applies for a special permit.

  • $150 to register a pit bull
  • $150 to register a dangerous dog
  • $10 for a sign that the house contains a dangerous dog
  • $50 to own a third dog
  • $100 for a dog walker's licence