That Brother Andre came one step closer to being recognized as a saint this weekend comes as no surprise to Michel Giroux and his mother. Giroux and his mother claim they witnessed a miracle.

Pilgrims regularly pray to the founder of St. Joseph's Oratory to heal their injuries, particularly if they have difficulty walking. Giroux and his mother claim they witnessed a miracle, watching a boy pray to the man.

"The boy went down on his knees. He took his brace off and started running in the hallway," he explained.

Thousands of people have claimed that Brother Andre's healing power helped cure their illnesses.

As many as 10 million people have signed a petition calling for Brother Andre to be named a saint.

On Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI attributed a scientifically inexplicable healing to him. It's the last step required to canonize Brother Andre and call him a saint.

Details of the miracle were not disclosed, but the recognition was welcomed by his legions of followers.

"When we see someone as a saint, who is canonized, we see that person as a great example for us to follow in their footstep. We will never achieve it, but we can try," said Fr. John Walsh.

Pope Benedict XVI is expected to hold a ceremony to recognize Brother Andre's canonization in the coming year.

Brother Andre, who was born in 1845 in Saint-Gregoire d'Iberville, south of Montreal, was declared Venerable on June 12, 1978 by Pope Paul VI and was beatified on May 23, 1982 by Pope John Paul II in Rome.