OTTAWA - The Harper government is promising to address criticism that a Montreal-based rights agency is anti-Israeli.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says he'll move to stabilize Montreal-based Rights and Democracy.

The government-funded agency has been in crisis since the sudden death of president Remy Beauregard.

Tensions began to mount in the organization last spring over decisions to cut funding to rights groups critical of Israeli policies toward Palestinians.

Board members appointed by the Conservative government accused Beauregard of being anti-Israel.

They complained to Cannon about his leadership of the rights agency.

Cannon is refusing to say exactly what he would do or why he had not responded earlier to the problem.

Maclean's magazine is reporting the board chairman appointed by Ottawa in March sent Cannon a letter complaining there were no Jewish employees in the organization's Montreal offices.

Another member of the board is reported to have falsely accused Beauregard of meeting with Hamas and Hezbollah during a trip to Cairo.