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Meet Diandra D'Alessio, the Montrealer who won Jeopardy! Friday night

Who is Diandra D'Alessio?

She's a Montrealer, a technical writer, a history lover -- and she's last night's Jeopardy winner.

The self-proclaimed trivia buff made it out on top with $3,299 under her belt.

While she and the other contestants failed to answer the Final Jeopardy question correctly (who are the Jutes?), D'Alessio wagered relatively low and emerged victorious. 

Will she follow in the footsteps of fellow-Canadian Mattea Roach with a winning streak? We'll find out Monday night. 

Speaking to CTV News before the show aired on Friday, D'Alessio said appearing on Jeopardy! resulted from years of preparation.

"I would say the best way to prepare is to, number one, watch Jeopardy regularly because it gives you an idea of the clues and categories that you'll see. And also reading a lot is another suggestion," she said.

D'Alessio, for one, has been watching since she was a pre-teen. Being on the set was a long-time dream come true -- and left her with lasting friendships.

"Everybody from the contestants to the crew to the host -- in our case, it was Mayim Bialik -- were super nice. The contestants I've met, we are super close.Even to this day, we talk every day, we have a group chat going on."

When asked what the Jeopardy! set is like:

It's "way smaller than it appears on TV," said D'Alessio. "It's very similar, it's just smaller."

D'Alessio will grace our screens again Monday night for Game 186 of Jeopardy!'s 39th season. 

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