Just days before election day, a group of students are at the Montreal courthouse fighting for the right to vote.

Five McGill University students are leading a court challenge, represented by well-known constitutional lawyer Julius Grey.

All are Canadian citizens, some have Quebec health cards and all have been living in this province for at least eight months.

Grey pointed out that while five voters may not change the outcome of an election, the issue needs a resolution.

The issue of students from out of province voting in this election was first brought up by a riding official in a Montreal district who wrote a letter to Le Devoir, saying there was an abnormally high number of anglophone and allophone people applying to vote in the area.

The Parti Quebecois jumped on the notion of possible voter fraud, but Elections Quebec quickly debunked the idea.

Quebec’s Director General of Elections sent four lawyers to fight the case.

Their argument is that the students aren’t being denied to vote, they were never on the voters’ list and so they never had the right to vote.

The judge is to render his decision Friday.