MONTREAL -- A popular corn maze on Ile Perrot reopened this week and offers families a chance to escape the realities of 2020, and get lost in nature.

Each year, the maze makers at Verger Labonte choose a theme and this year, they picked an apt one for the year of the COVID-19 pandemic: time travel.

"It very much is like an outdoor escape game where you walk in, and it's not merely about finding your way out," said designer Jean-Francois Bibeau.

To get through the maze, you have to solve riddles, answer skill-testing questions and help the characters go back in time to save the future.

"That's your mission at first," said Bibeau. "Then, things get a little bit more convoluted than that. You have to travel to the future and realize you've made things worse, and I'm not going to give too much more than that."

Inside the maze, time portals serve as checkpoints that once you cross, you can't turn back.

"It facilitates a way to avoid having large amounts of people in the same space," said designer Thierry Goyette.

There is also a much smaller maze where younger children can run freely, and a forest and suspension bridge are also on the premise so visitors can also explore.

There are also farm animals to pet and feed.

"It's really a complete day, so you can spend a good three or four hours here," said owner Nathalie Gervais.

Gervais said that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant families are looking for places to be outdoors and enjoy nature.

"You can make your reservation online so you can be reassured that we are going to have a spot for you, and there's not going to be 1,000 people when you come here," said Gervais.

This year, the farm is 100 per cent chemical-free and is in the process of getting its organic certification.