MONTREAL--Mayor Michael Applebaum is delivering on his promise to open the weekly executive committee meeting to the public.

Applebaum, who began serving as interim mayor Nov. 19, promised more transparency at city hall, following a slew of corruption allegations unveiled at the Charbonneau Commission. Applebaum said taxpayers should be able to see how decisions are made at city hall.

The first executive committee meeting was held Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. It was streamed online at and was also open to the public. It could also be viewed from the press room at city hall.

Cameras will, however, be turned off at certain times, including when sensitive budgetary information is revealed, on decisions that could influence the market, some zoning issues, who will get a contract, and some security matters.

Tremblay gets $216,000 in severance

Meantime, embattled former Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay is receiving a golden handshake to the tune of $216,000.

Despite resigning under swirling allegations of corruption amongst his staff, the former mayor is entitled to the severance package under provincial law.

On Tuesday, Applebaum defended Tremblay receiving the cheque.

“Members of the executive committee, when we leave office, we are also obliged not to be heads of companies or directors of companies that are doing business with the City of Montreal. So you have to realize there is a “prime de depart” in order to help elected officials who either left their jobs in the past or left their businesses. It’s to help them get back into the workforce,” he said.

It is unclear what Tremblay’s next move will be.