MONTREAL -- The City of Pointe-Claire in Montreal's West Island wants an overpass rebuilt over fears that it will become dangerous.

The already heavily-used Saint-John overpass is one of the busiest traffic spots in the West Island and with eh REM coming, residents fear it will only get worse.

"It feeds Pointe-Claire, it feeds Dollard-de-Ormeaux, it feeds Pierrefonds, it feeds's a busy artery," said Pointe-Claire Mayor John Belvedere.

For years, the mayor has been asking for better access for pedestrians and cyclists.

"It's not secure, so if you notice the sidewalks are super narrow," he said. "When you're walking on the sidewalk the cars are driving right beside you."

It is expected, that the overpass will get even busier by 2024 when the REM is expected to start running to the West Island with a station next to the Fairview Shopping Mall.

Belvedere said these types of overpasses are now obsolete.

"They were always designed more for car traffic versus pedestrian and bike traffic," he said. "The REM is supposed to be an environmentally friendly system. It's going to be an electric system, so you would want people to be able to get there easily, by bicycle, by walking."

He said it should be rebuilt wider to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians, or a second overpass should be built exclusively for non-vehicle traffic.

The Quebec government is looking at redoing it in a couple of years, but it is not yet known what shape it will take.