The mayor of Mascouche may not be going to city council meetings, but he is not stepping down.

Richard Marcotte was arrested in April and charged with six counts of fraud, corruption, and breach of trust.

On Monday Marcotte did not make an appearance at the city council meeting, but wrote a statement indicating he was absent because his wife's son is hospitalized due to an illness.

When he attempted to attend a council meeting in July he was jeered and booed by citizens, who only calmed down when he left the session.

Many of the people who attended Monday's meeting were glad the mayor did not show up, but wish he would resign.

"There is no way we can trust that man," said one man. "He's worse than Vaillancourt and Tremblay. We cannot trust him."

Another man said he could not wait for the trial to prove Marcotte's guilt.

"I just feel that he lied to us."

Marcotte says he has no plans to resign at the moment, and is still in a period of reflection.

Even without the mayor present, the city is still conducting necessary business.

On Monday councillors adopted a code of ethics for municipal employees.

They also passed a resolution asking the provincial government to alter electoral laws so that elected officials who are charged with crimes can be suspended until the case is resolved.

Marcotte's next court date is on Dec. 17.

The next council meeting for Mascouche is on Dec. 10, where council is expected to table a budget.