Those looking to duck indoors and check out a pub with some authentic Okinawan flair should consider Hanzo Izakaya in Old Montreal.

Japanese izakayas are like a neighbourhood pub where people can gather, eat, drink and have a night out.

Hanzo is filled with nods to martial arts and was inspired by a particular scene from a memorable movie.

"The concept here is basically an izakaya that's based on Crazy 88 scene from Kill Bill," said manager Yuri Koshiyama-Chia.

The goal is to provide casual but tasty options that are all medium-sized portions meant to be shared among friends.

"It's simple food. It's good food, and it's comfort food at the same time, so it's not something too complicated either," said co-owner Yossi Ohana "DJ Yo-C."

Items on the menu include yellowfin tuna sashimi, shiso chiffonade and torched salmon with roe onions and soy sauce.

DJ Yo-C regularly tours with Sugar Sammy and knows what it takes to make a crowd happy.

"The feeling that anyone can come in, and whether you have a suit or whether you're in joggers, whatever it is, you just come in, and have a good time and enjoy yourself," he said.

"I love how you can be who you are," said Koshiyama-Chia. "You don't need to be anybody to come dine at an izakaya. If you had a long day or just want to celebrate, it's made for everyone. Everyone is welcome."