MONTREAL - Marjorie Raymond, the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide this week in the Gaspe, is being remembered Friday by her friends and fellow students.

Hundreds of white balloons will be released into the air at her high school in Sainte Anne des Monts.

Meanwhile there will be no funeral for Marjorie, in accordance with her last wishes as written in a suicide note.

Instead she will be cremated and her ashes placed in at her grandfather's grave in Granby, her hometown.

Death felt throughout Quebec

The heartbreaking story of the teen who killed herself after three years of bullying by her peers continues to echo throughout the province.

One parent says that the story hit a nerve, as she had a child who was targeted by predators.

"The tempest of fear anger and apprehension I felt when my child went through that was incredible," said Lisa Smith.

And it can start in the most banal fashion in schools.

For Johnny Sacchetto the onset of bullying was sudden and unexpected.

"A kid told me to watch what I was doing, then he pushed me and that started for the next three days," he said.

Sacchetto attends Laval Junior High which has a high awareness of the bullying issue.

Its principal keeps eyes peeled for the heartless brutality.

"You could be aware that there's a problem and then use these different approaches to try and solve the problem of bullying and minimize the problem of bullying," said Principal Richard Mason.

And sometimes victims suffer in silence by not telling others about the problem.

"It's very intimidating," says Mikaella Goldsmith of Leave Out Violence (LOVE). "Just to tell parents and people you trust is huge."

Resources and advice

People seeking advice on bullying can get help at these excellent resources:

Leave Out Violence 514-938-0006

Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

PrevNet (866) 372-2495