MONTREAL - A poll on Monday revealed many Quebecers believe French is deteriorating in the province.

Commissioned by the Foundation for the French language and carried out by Leger, the poll found six out of 10 Quebecers were worried by what they saw as a lack of French use in public.

The poll ran online from Nov. 8 to 11. Of the 1,008 people who responded, more than half said the French language's "situation" had declined in Quebec in the past 10 years. Eleven per cent said it had increased, and almost 30 per cent said the language's "situation" hadn't changed. A small percentage of those polled did not respond to the question.

Concerns over the state of French were highest among the 55 and older demographic, almost 60 per cent of whom believed French had declined in the past ten years.

More than half of respondents said they would be willing to demand French services from a business, and 37 per cent said they would be willing to boycott a business if it didn't respect Bill 101. 

The Foundation for the French language also on Monday launched a campaign that will finance integration programs for immigrants and support Francophone and Acadian communities.