MONTREAL -- A man who faced discrimination while looking for a job as a home help attendant was awarded $2,750 in moral damages by Quebec's Human Rights Tribunal.

The man alleged he had been refused the opportunity to apply due to the job being reserved for women.

The case had first been heard by the Quebec Human Rights Commission, where the man had come out victorious. The commission had said the case provides a better understanding of how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to job offers.

The man had applied for the job as a last-resort aid provider in an employment centre located in Vaudreuil-Soulanges, west of Montreal.

In a judgment handed down on March 26, the tribunal rules the man was “ashamed of being a last-resort provider” and was “devastated when he was refused access to employment because he is a man... He believes he can never get out of his precarious situation.”