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Make the switch to using a cargo bike, says Velo Quebec in new campaign


Biking can get you far, but add cargo to the mix, and anything's possible, says Vélo Québec.  

The cycling advocacy group launched a campaign this week to promote the use of cargo bikes.

"Not only do they slightly improve the pollution aspects of transportation, but they replace altogether the car option for transportation," said Magali Bebronne, spokesperson for Velo Quebec.

The campaign includes a series of videos profiling families who made the switch.

"We're able to showcase how a cargo bike can be a great solution for daily transportation needs, including in the winter," said Bebronne.

Lamar Timmins, owner of Allo Vélo, a bike shop specializing in cargo bikes and trikes, said families aren't the only ones looking to trade in their vehicles.

"So a lot of companies are now kind of looking at cargo bikes as a new solution or alternative to their fleet," he said.

Some companies, like FedEx, have added e-cargo bikes to their fleet.

"Already they have a fleet of 40 two-wheeled cargo bikes," said Timmins, adding that the number is growing. "We're helping them with the big two-litre, three-wheeled cargo bikes. Hopefully, that spans across the country and we see them like all over the place, kind of like what we see in Europe."

While cargo bikes seem to be gaining traction in the city, for Montreal cargo bike user Mathieu Murphy-Perron, they're much more than a trend.

"I did my whole move by cargo bike and that's really when I fell in love with it," he said.

The 2021 move required over 70 trips. Three years later, Murphy-Perron said there isn't much he can't transport with his cargo bike.

"This can get you your groceries, can get your kids to the hockey practice. That can do a whole lot if you're looking to not have the daily headaches of traffic and parking and all of the fees that are associated with car ownership," he said.

With a little tweak, the bikes are also baby proof, he said.

"I did just have a baby, so very soon, the baby will be going in the cargo bike. We have an attachment that we're going to put on the cargo bike that adds extra suspension so that if there are any potholes, they don't get hurt," he said.

Vélo Québec's campaign will be running throughout the month of June. The organization offers advice for using and buying cargo bikes on its website. Top Stories

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