The Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital is getting a major upgrade.

On Friday, Health Minister Gaetan Barrette announced a $1.8 billion renovation and expansion project for the 64-year-old facility.

At the announcement, Barrette said the aging hospital originally had fields behind it when it was built, with a population nowhere near Rosemont’s current level. The hospital has struggled to keep up with that growth, suffering from electrical and mechanical malfunctions in recent years.

Barrette said the project would take place over 10 years and would begin with $25 million. While administrators will decide where to spend much of the money, one condition is that some is spent on an integrated cancer centre.

Barrette also addressed the possibility that personal medical files have been sold to third party companies and that insurance companies are acquiring the files through software used by doctors in their private offices.

“Some might not be compliant, then we need to have the legal capacity to get into those businesses and make the inspections and inquiries and at the end of the day sanction those providers,” said Barrette.