MONTREAL -- Montreal chicken joint Ma Poule Mouillee is getting some big word of mouth buzz after placing number one on Yelp’s list of the top 100 restaurants in Canada.

The Portuguese rotisserie has been a popular destination on Rachel St. for seven years. Now, they’re sending out up to 500 birds a day.

“The chicken is cooked on the wood charcoal and the taste is very different, it’s much better like that,” said employee Virgilio Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has been in the chicken business for 30 years and said the restaurant’s secret is in the sauce.

“A lot of people can grill chicken but the sauce here makes the difference,” he says.

Owner Tony Alves came up with the recipe, which he’s shared only with his son.

It’s not just chicken: Rodriguez said the biggest seller is the poutine.

“It comes with chicken and sausage and we put a lot,” he said. “People see the plate and say what? This is the small?”

He warns that those hoping to check out the famed chicken should come early.

“If you come after five or six, the lineup goes like this,” he said. “In the summertime also. It’s incredible.”