Air Canada says it’s investigating after a video popped up on social media seemingly showing one of its baggage handlers throwing its customers’ luggage from six metres off the ground.

The airline says it's working to identify the employees, "whose employment will be terminated pending the outcome of our investigation," said spokesperson Angela Mah in an email to CTV News.

Dwayne Stewart was flying from Toronto to Vancouver Friday, and filmed the video from his seat on the plane, which he then posted to YouTube.

He says the baggage handler tossed bags from the top of a stairway into a bin, a distance he estimates to be about 20 ft., or six metres.

He said the flight was full and as such, many passengers in economy class weren’t able to store carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments.

Flight attendants took the people’s luggage, saying it would be stored with the checked luggage.

Stewart said he caught the employee drop at least 12 bags.

“The guy seemed to be unwilling to take the time to carry (the bags) down,” he said.

On Twitter and in a statement, Air Canada apologized for the content of the video, saying their procedure requires bags to be carried to the cart.

-- with files from a report by CTV Vancouver