The season hasn't started yet for the Loyola Cadet Football squad - but they're already learning how to gel as a team by practicing plays and joining the ranks of those getting soaked for a good cause.

"Our team is just starting off and we really want to support our new teammates, he's one of the younger ones and we want to show him our support and that we have his back," said James Vanaelst.

He's talking about Anthony Soles, son of former Montreal Alouette football player Michael Soles.

During his time on the field Soles was a strong force but for the last eight years all his strength has gone into battling ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease with no cure.

Until a few weeks ago, there was very little awareness of what it is and the toll it takes on families living through it, but Catherine Caza Soles says the ice bucket challenge that fired up social media this summer has changed that.

"It's a little rainbow," said Caza Soles. "It's not an easy thing to go through. There are some good days and bad days and these are just good days."

Millions of videos have been posted and millions of dollars raised for research.

Some call it a gimmick, but Michael Soles is impressed by the campaign.

"It's amazing. amazing. They raise so much money," said Soles.

The campaign has also lent moral support to Soles, with videos and emails flooding onto his Facebook page since CTV Montreal broadcast his story earlier this week..

Now Soles' own children are getting involved and recruiting others to their cause. The Loyola Football team answered their challenge live on CTV News at Six (Watch the video above).

"The word is out there and once the word is out there the funding is out there," said Coach John Geraghty. "Once the funding is out there the research will get out there and hopefully we can find a cure for this."