MONTREAL -- Do you even lift, boomer? A Town of Mount Royal gym could be the place for you.

Jimmie’s Training Centre aims to make working out less intimidating for the over-50 crowd.

Owner and found Ali Le Pierres said she opened Jimmie’s to fill a hole in the fitness market.

“We have things that are targeted at 30-years-olds and then we have geriatric programs,” she said. “No one is going ot come in and go ‘What did you lift?’ That’s not what we’re about. It’s like, ‘Did you feel better, did you pick up that grandkid you couldn’t pick up?”

Customer Danny Fleischer hasn’t worked out in 30 years but the septuagenarian is hoping to get back into fighting shape by losing 35 pounds.

“The reason I’m doing it is quality of life, getting the bull by the horns before I do get sick eventually and somebody’s going to tell me to go ahead and why didn’t you exercise?” he said. “It’s a matter of survival.”

Debby Mowatt said she lived with chronic back pain and sciatica for over 30 years but began working out a few times a week. Now, her quality of life has improved.

“I used to have to ask my husband to go into a low cupboard to get a pot for me and now I’ve got that mobility so I can get down there myself,” she said.