Police in Longueuil are warning residents about a potential fraud scam involving heat pump repairs.

Scammers are offering to do a heat pump inspection before the end of the warranty, said Longueuil police spokesperson Tommy Lacroix.

They then have their ‘customers’ sign a maintenance and repair contract, which is actually a false document said Lacroix.

In recent weeks, three people paid thousands of dollars without receiving any services.

Longueuil police want to alert the public about this scheme to prevent other households from being caught up in it.

In some cases, the perpetrators even claimed to have carried out repairs on the heat pump and charged a large sum for parts they had never changed.

Lacroix is telling residents to be vigilant and to directly contact their heating or air conditioning supplier to check whether a contractor has indeed been sent out to perform maintenance and or repairs.

The Consumer Protection Office website also offers useful information to help uncover fraudulent schemes regarding maintenance companies.