Longueuil's ash trees are coming down, the city announced on Friday.

Emerald ash borers, the invasive insects who have eaten their way through millions of Canadian trees, have taken hold in the South shore municipality. At first, the city tried other methods to fight the bugs, but nothing worked. 

So, workers will cut down 9000 ash trees. 

Those near public paths will come down first, according to Julie Martineau, a representative for the city of Longueuil. In those areas, ash trees will be removed entirely. 

"Where citizens are, I mean in parks, near bike paths, I would say no, we won't have any trees ash trees because those will all be dead and will be cut for security reasons," she said. 

In a press release, Longueuil said it would spend more than $11 million over a three year period to redevelop urban woodlands, plant trees and increase biodiversity. The money will be used to plant 6400 new trees, starting next year. 

Earlier this week, Montreal announced it's own plan to remove dead or dying trees affected by the emerald ash borer; 40,000 trees will come down on the island.