After more than three decades on the air at CJAD, Dave Fisher signed off for the last time on Sunday morning.

Broadcasting in front of a live audience, Fisher was greeted by family, friends, colleagues and loyal fans as he hosted the weekly Trivia Show with co-host Dan Laxer for the last time.

After 32 years, Fisher said he still remembers the day he got the job as the weekend morning man.

“I got fired. It was noon on a Friday, because that’s what they do and I got hired at CJAD that afternoon,” he said. “It’s been 32 years, so I guess it worked out pretty good.”

For his longtime listeners, it was an emotional goodbye.

“Even this morning, I made sure my boyfriend put it on in the car because it’s like losing someone for me,” said fan Natalie Poulton.

Fisher’s wife of 35 years, Ardy, was in attendance and made a rare appearance on air.

“He’s been a solid person, not only on the radio but at home, and I think people will miss him,” she said.

Among Fisher’s biggest fans were his co-workers at CJAD. Longtime newscaster Trudie Mason said she will miss hearing his voice as much as any other person in Montreal.

“Dave, I think, is the only radio person I’ve ever known who has made a career out of being a curmudgeon,” she said. “People love him for it. He’s genuine, when he’s irritated, you know he’s irritated. When he’s in a good mood, you know, because he’s the same person on air as off air.”

Longtime FM radio host Ken Connors has already been announced as Fisher’s replacement and he was there to have the torch passed.

“It will be fun,” he said. “It will be a challenge, but I’m up for it.”

As for Fisher’s future, he’s excited to relax and have a well-earned rest. He said this is but one chapter ending and he’s excited to see what life has in store.

“This is the end of one part of my life, there are so many to thank, of course,” he said. “The loyal listeners who are the heart and soul of CJAD.”