Former Parti Quebecois leader Jean-Francois Lisee twice asked deputy Veronique Hivon to take his place, saying he was “pulling the PQ down,” according to a report in the news magazine L’Actualite.

According to the article, Lisee first asked Hivon to prepare to take leadership of the PQ in December, 2017.

Hivon reportedly refused, saying the request violated the internal rules of the party and that Alexandre Cloutier, who had run for PQ leadership in 2016, should be involved in the discussions.

Lisee reportedly asked Hivon to replace him once more in June, 2018.

Lisee led the PQ during the 2018 Quebec provincial election, which proved disastrous for the party. The PQ won just 10 seats, down from their previous 28, tieing them with Quebec Solidaire.