MONTREAL -- There are lineups outside Montreal-area COVID-19 testing centres again, but this time, it’s not bar-goers, for the most part – it’s parents and kids, in large part.

In Beaconsfield on Wednesday, people reported it took about an hour to get their test, and many said they were doing so out of an abundance of caution. Along with families, there were also many adults without kids.

Among the public updates given today by Montreal Public Health Director Mylene Drouin, she asked people to remember there is a risk of false positives, and she said that the western sector of the city has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 right now.

“If your children have not been in contact with [other] positive children…or if your children don’t have any symptoms, I think it’s better they go to school,” she said.

But Drouin said that as a parent herself, she can understand people’s worries and their urge to get tested.

Monteal public health also said that testing centres would begin to be codified by colour to help track their busyness. Right now the city’s centres are considered to be at a green level, which is good.