He may only be 15 years old, but Matthew Lécuyer is in the head office of the Blue Sox of Thetford Mines.

"I've been born into baseball. I play baseball. And since I'm young, my dad owned multiple teams. Basically, I grew up in that," said Lécuyer, the new owner of the senior professional baseball team in south-central Quebec.

The teen says baseball has always been a family affair.

When Lécuyer was born in 2007, his father, Francois, owned the Sherbrooke Expos in Quebec's major baseball league (LBMQ).

A few years later, his father also took over ownership of the Blue Sox.

"It's a big privilege for me. Because it runs in my family, my dad owned it, and for many years, he put many hours in it. The fact that he gave it to me afterwards is really special because he built it," said Lécuyer.

But two years ago, Francois Lécuyer stepped down as owner of both teams, pleading guilty to a fraud charge that same year.

He told RDS that negotiations with other potential buyers left a bitter taste in his mouth when he stepped down.

So he went with his safest bet—the person who knew the team just as well as he did.

"I really think I'm able to do it. For many people, this is absurd, but for me, it's possible, and I'm really able to do it, said Lécuyer.

Matthew Lécuyer

He'll mainly do it during his free time, since he is still a student at the Seminaire de Sherbrooke.

The teen adds, "There's about sixteen games in the season, and I work four hours each game."

But he won't be doing all the work alone. Four other employees will handle administrative duties by his side and direct player relations.

Although he may have inherited a team worth $40,000, Lécuyer volunteers 400 hours of his own time to run it.

"This team really helps me to evolve as a person and get links with other people. I find it really fun," says Lécuyer.

While he may lack some life experience, Lécuyer certainly doesn't lack confidence.

For now, his main objective is to continue his father's legacy.

"I'm going to talk like my dad did, basically, and do the same stuff he did," he said.

Lécuyer's first game in the owner's box comes Sunday, June 4, when the Blue Sox face the Jets de Montreal on his home turf.