MONTREAL - With Jean Charest's sudden exit from politics, the Quebec Liberals are in the unfamiliar place of trying to find a new leader.

Nobody has forwarded their candidacy, but names being kicked around include cabinet veterans Pierre Moreau, Philippe Couillard and Raymond Bachand, who headed transport, health and finance, respectively.

Others, such as Couillard’s predecessor in health, Yves Bolduc are considered possibiliites, as is former Education Minister Lise Theriault, whose poor English is said to be a possible weakness.

One veteran Liberal organizer said that Charest, as longtime leader, leaves big shoes to fill.

“You need someone who knows every part of the community, anglophones, allophones and also federalists. He has to be a good federalist because the Liberal Party is the only party that is truly a federalist party,” said Bob Dobie.

Dobie feels that the new leader might have to endure some short term pain for some long term gain, as there might be some blame tossed at the Liberal Party during the Charbonneau Commission.

But sitting with only four-fewer seats than the ruling Parti Quebecois -- a party which had been heavily-favoured to win the election -- is a pretty good spot to be.

“I'm convinced we can go to another election within a year and have all the structure in place and everything else,” said Dobie.