There's another war of words at the National Assembly over accusations made by the Parti Quebecois critic for women.

The Liberal party is demanding Carole Poirier retract statements she made last week accusing the government of encouraging violence against women.

Poirier is the PQ critic for status of women, and last week in a budget hearing meeting said the provincial government's budgetary restraints were fostering sexual discrimation -- including physical, sexual, social and political discrimination against women.

Over the weekend Lise Theriault issued a statement denouncing Poirier's comments, and on Tuesday she was joined by other Liberal MNAs to criticize Poirier's comments.

Theriault said Poirier's comments were hurtful and blatantly false.

"All the words, all the words, it's not true," said Theriault. "My government, for two years, we don't do that. Why does she say that? It's not cool, it's not fair and I don't accept it."

Speaking on Tuesday morning Poirier did not apologize nor did she retract her statement, saying she stands by her belief that the Liberal government's policies are a form of "economic violence" and harmful to women.

She did admit she might have used an unfortunate metaphor.

The Liberal party has asked PQ leader Pierre Karl Peladeau to remove Poirier as women's critic, and Peladeau said he would do no such thing.

He added that as far as he is concerned the Liberals are over-reacting and should "calm down."