The growing popularity of eSports and their increased presence in high schools are of growing concern to Quebec politicians.

Fearing an increase in cyber dependency and a sedentary lifestyle among young people, the Liberal opposition sounded the alarm and asked the CAQ Legault government to intervene.

"We want to know the truth about this reality affecting Quebec's youth," said Liberal Health and Social Services critic Andre Fortin. "What are the impacts to over-exposure to these technologies for our young people?"

Fortin and Liberal critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living Enrico Ciccone stressed the importance of documenting this new phenomenon and measuring its magnitude in Quebec. They would, therefore, like to hear from the parliamentary committee experts capable of deciding on the impact of technology on young people.

"I am particularly concerned about the issues of eSports," said Ciccone. "Especially when I see that high schools are beginning to offer programs in this field."