MONTREAL -- One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's lieutenants was in Laval last week as part of a tour of Quebec's regions aimed at taking the pulse of the province's situation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

MP Pablo Rodriguez's objective was to “understand what works well and what does not work well,” he said.

Rodriguez was accompanied by fellow MP Annie Koutrakis.

“I heard concerns but also lots of good ideas and solutions,” said Rodriguez. “All this will help us adapt our programs to support more families and more Laval businesses.”

Among the stops on Rodriguez's trip was Alco Prevention Canada, a company specializing in the manufacturing of alcohol detectors. To help combat the virus, the company designed an ultraviolet ray box used for disinfecting and recharging cell phones.

Rodriguez praised the resilience of parents who were able to telework while also taking care of children at home, and pointed especially to those who must take care of children with disabilities.