The parody play Lesbian Speed Date From Hell returns to Montreal as part of the Montreal Pride Festival after selling out at off Just for Laughs.

Christina Saliba is one of the writers of the satirical play that promises "terror, gore and terrible lesbian puns."

"Lesbian Speed Date From Hell is this horror/comedy romp," said Saliba "It's a social commentary on the horrors of the online dating world and the impacts that ghosting has on the emotional well-being. It's also a parody on the absurdity of queer stereotypes as well. If anything, I would say it's a mix between John Water's Serial Mom with Kathleen Turner and the Stephen King's Misery with Kathy Bates."

Saliba said typically the pride festival has lost some of the variety in expression found in theatre, and is excited that Montreal is paving the way by including more theatre.

"When the general population thinks of pride, we think of partying," she said. "We do need to bring in some fresher perspectives, and that comes through theatre."

Saliba said online horror stories are particular elements that connect women in general with the prevalence of ghosting and catfishing. Dating apps, she added, allow people to reject and accept others in any way they feel comfortable leaving women particularly vulnerable to awful experiences.

"We all have our horror stories of the online dating world," she said. "Not just the online dating world, but the Internet in general."

Pride Month's roots are found in the 1969 Stonewall riots, and Saliba is hoping all people can recognize the festival's importance beyond the drag queens and parties.

"People of all races, culture, sexuality can come to pride, recognize where the fight came from, and how far we've come and just celebrate diversity and inclusiveness," she said.