MONTREAL -- Officials are promising that Quebec's supply of N95 masks is secure even as other country's enter bidding wars over the protective gear.

In Pointe-Claire, supply company Medicom's factory is ramping up production of the masks.

“We're talking tens of millions of masks we'll be able to supply starting April 1 until the next few months,” said president Guillaume Laverdure.

Premier Francois Legault said there are enough of the masks in Quebec to last for a week but that steps have been taken to ensure more are coming.

“We use the police force, we also use the relationship we have in different countries,” he said. “We do all that is necessary to be done to make sure the equipment makes it to the hospital.”

Legault acknowledged there have been issues, pointing to one incident in which 10,000 masks imported from China that were supposed to arrive at a St-Laurent warehouse instead ended up in Ohio. Montreal company Smartmi, the intended recipient, said they are investigating what happened.

Laverdure said the company currently has everything it needs to continue production.

“So far we haven't seen a disruption in the supply chain for raw materials,” he said. “You're adding shifts, you're adding equipment and in the end you're running 24/7 with more equipment. So we've added all these different steps.”