MONTREAL -- Montreal’s Lebanese community is still hearbroken by the explosion that killed over 150 people in Beirut this week.

But they’re also angry, they say, and they’re joining Lebanese communities around the world in protesting the government of their home country from wherever they are. 

They’re also calling on Canada to stop recognizing that government as legitimate. On Friday, the protest in Montreal took place in Outremont in front of Lebanon's consulate general.

"Beirut blew up in front of the world,” said Ghassan Fayad, who helped organize the protest.

“The explosion just symbolically showed the world how ridiculous the situation is. The explosion helped bring all the Lebanese people together to say ‘enough is enough.’”

Lebanon was already grappling with economic collapse and its government has faced widespread accusations of corruption.

"Today we demand the departure of the Lebanese sectarian leaders that have robbed us of everything from 1991 until today,” a protester shouted into a megaphone.

Immigrants who arrived in Canada 10, 20 or 30 years ago are all involved, with some saying they have “survivor’s remorse” for what people still in Lebanon are experiencing.

Watch Gabrielle Fahmy’s report in the video above.