Former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum was in court Thursday morning for a hearing that ended up being postponed.

Two lawyers failed to show up, including Jeffrey Boro, the lawyer for Applebaum's co-accused Saulie Zajdel.

As a result the judge was forced to postpone the hearing until March 10.

"It's normally to settle the date for a preliminary inquiry or a trial and to determine a few questions of law that should be taken into consideration prior," said Crown prosecutor Helene Giroux.

The next time Applebaum, Zajdel, and Jean-Yves Bisson are in court the judge wants to fix dates for hearings in their conspiracy and fraud case.

Zajdel has already set he wishes to skip the preliminary hearing where the crown presents evidence, and go straight to a trial.

He also wants his trial to be separated from Applebaum's.

Police arrested the trio in June 2013 and they were charged with fraud and conspiracy in connection with several real estate projects built in NDG and Cote des Neiges between 2006 and 2011.