MONTREAL—The bullet-riddled body of a 32-year-old woman was found in the garage of a home in the Chomedey sector of Laval on Sunday morning.

Relatives arrived at the scene throughout the day, distraught over the heinous crime.

“I saw, I think it was the brother of the woman, he came down here and he was yelling ‘Oh my god they killed my sister..they killed my sister,’” said Treve Boscato, an area resident.

Paramedics arrived just after 10:20 a.m., responding to a call from the woman’s husband. He had just found his wife’s body in her car, parked in the couple’s garage.

According to a spokeswoman for Urgences-Sante, the woman had been dead for several hours before paramedics arrived on the scene.

Neighbour Charles Legare heard loud screams at around the same time as the discovery of the body.

“I think it was that of a woman, realizing something bad had happened,” said Legare.

No one was inside the couple’s home when the shots are thought to have been fired. The couple’s one child was away at the time and no neighbours have come forward with information about the incident.

“She was arriving home or leaving her house, she was sitting in her car when all this happened,” said Laval police spokeswoman Natalie Lorrain.

Neighbours knew very little about the victim and said that they rarely saw her. The woman had lived in the area for a few years.

The victim was not known to police. Investigators from the Laval police pored over the crime scene on Sunday as a large perimeter was extended around the subdivision near the 13 Highway.

Suicide has been ruled out and the police are calling the incident a homicide.

The woman’s partner was questioned by police, but as a witness. They say that so far, they have no suspects.

This was the second murder in Laval in a number of weeks.